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Recognizing the critical role of training in establishing a

strong bond with your new companion, we're thrilled to announce our partnership with BAXTER & Bella. Together,

we're offering an exclusive discount on their LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP package, featuring their renowned step-by-step training program and unlimited access to LIVE! HELP from

their team of seasoned trainers.

BAXTER & BELLA'S comprehensive online puppy school equips you with all the necessary resources to seamlessly integrate your dog into your household and family life. Their commitment to guiding you through every stage of responsible pet ownership ensures you'll experience the utmost in canine companionship.

To take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy a 25% discount, simply use our discount code (CLASSYPUPS) during checkout.


Join us in setting the foundation for a fulfilling journey with your new canine companion today!

baxter and bella logo with yellow dog
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