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All About Us!

Myron and Dorene along with their four children live on a rolling, peaceful 38-acre farm in Northeastern Indiana and are the owners of Classy Pups. Our family have been dog lovers most of our lives and in 2014, with the desire to make the beauty of dog ownership possible for others, began raising precious little puppies. Myron builds RV’s along with caring for our horses and sheep while Dorene finds great joy in helping you add the perfect puppy to your family


Ashlie, their oldest child is an artist at heart and enjoys working with many different mediums. Brandon is a farmer boy who spends hours caring for his animals… sheep, chickens, calves, and horses. Karina is the dog whisperer, rocking the babies to sleep while singing them a lullaby. She enjoys reading among other things. Megan loves all things active, the perfect match for playing with our puppies and helping them properly channel their extra energy. 

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Meet Heather Britton, a true animal enthusiast who calls Lagrange home along with her husband Travis and their furry family members. Heather's journey into the world of veterinary medicine began back in 2009 at Lagrange Veterinary Clinic, where she kicked off her career as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Over the span of 12 years, she honed her skills and expertise in animal care, but recently, Heather decided to explore new horizons in canine welfare.

Heather's heart beats for dogs, and she's passionate about championing their physical and mental well-being. As a licensed Registered Veterinary Technician, Heather ensures that every Classy Pups fur baby receives top-notch care and plenty of playful moments throughout their day. Her dedication shines through as she continues to advocate for our beloved canine companions.

In Heather's world, it's all about making sure our Classy Pups are not just healthy, but also having an absolute blast!

Meet Our Team.

  • Can I get updated photos of my puppy?
    Once you reserve a puppy we want you to be able to see your new puppy grow… so yes, we will happily provide you with new photos every 7-10 days. The photos for our puppies that are still available on our website are updated frequently as well.
  • What should I buy for my new puppy?
    We have compiled a list of necessities that you may want to consider buying for your puppy. Crate (Make sure it is not so large that your puppy can comfortably go to the bathroom in it) Travel carrier Puppy food Training treats Bowls for food and water Leash and collar or harness ID tag Chew toys Dog bed or blanket Comb and brush Nail clippers Puppy toothbrush Shampoo Odor remover spray
  • When can I bring my puppy home?
    Once your puppy reaches 9 weeks of age we allow the puppy to join you in your home. The only exception to that is if your puppy does not yet weigh two pounds. If that happens we will continue caring for the puppy until he/she has reached two pounds or twelve weeks of age.
  • What is the process of adopting a Classy Pups Puppy?
    If you are ready to add a puppy to your family you can contact us via email, text or by calling us. We will be happy to help you find the puppy that is right for you. Once you have decided on a specific puppy we will send you our contract to read through, fill out, sign and return to us. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit will then hold that specific puppy until he/she is old enough to be picked up. Prior to going to it’s new home the puppy will have a thorough examination done by our licensed veterinarian. If at that time a health issue should arise we will refund your deposit or transfer it to a different puppy.
  • Do you offer a health guarantee?
    Classy Pups will not, at any time, guarantee that your puppy will grow to be a specific size as an adult, stay a specific color or have a particular coat type. We can only give you information, to the best of our ability, based on the parents. Your puppy will come with a 1 year health guarantee against any life threatening genetic issues that should arise within the first year of your puppy’s life. This does not include anything that was disclosed to and approved by you prior to picking up your puppy. A vet check must be done and a vet health report must be provided to Classy Pups, by the new owner within 72 hours of the puppy going home. If the new owner chooses not to do a vet check and provide us with a vet health report within 72 hours we will not honor the health guarantee.
  • What is limited and full registration?
    Our purebred puppies are all priced with limited registration, which means that they are not to be bred. They are still able to participate in select AKC events if you choose to do so. Puppies are available with Full Registration at an additional cost of $500.00. We reserve the right to not sell a puppy with Full Registration if we think that particular puppy is not suitable for breeding. We can give our opinion on whether a puppy may or may not be of breeding quality, but we can not guarantee it.
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