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  • Introducing the "Classy Pups Kindergarten Puppy Training Class" –  Essential for shaping a well-mannered and responsive canine companion right from the start.


    This comprehensive training program covers all the fundamental skills your puppy needs to thrive:


    • Potty Training: Say goodbye to accidents with our proven methods for teaching your pup where and when to go.
    • Crate Training: We create a safe and comfortable space your puppy will love, while teaching them to see their crate as a cozy den.

    • Leash Etiquette: We master the art of walking together with gentle guidance on leash manners, making outings a joy for both you and your pup.

    • Basic Commands: We lay the groundwork for obedience with essential commands like sit and come, building communication and trust between you and your new best friend.


    With Classy Pups' Kindergarten Puppy Training Class, you're investing in a lifetime of happiness and harmony with your furry companion.

    Add On - Kindergarten Training Class

    SKU: Kindergarten Training
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